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CEVIMA Identity

Industrias Cevima was born with the objective of creating and providing solutions to the productive processes of companies from different sectors.

What is CEVIMA?

Raw Materials

High qualities for production optimization

Materials Recovery

High technology to promote the sustainable economy

Industrial Machinery

Eliminating the generation of unnecessary waste


Tiles in different formats and finishes.

What is CEVIMA?

Our purpose is to make these processes profitable to offer higher quality products and to achieve this we adapt to the needs of our customers, being these one of our highest priorities.

And as far as priorities are concerned, together with customers, we position on the one hand the care and commitment with our workers, which we consider fundamental for the development of our company and on the other the respect for our suppliers and the sustainability of the environment.

CEVIMA Objectives


Our Mission

Our main objective is to facilitate and increase the productivity of our customers by putting at their disposal quality raw materials and organizational solutions for their production processes.


Our Vision

We aspire to be a national and international reference of a company that supplies raw materials, offering solutions to the production and logistics processes of companies to facilitate the work of employees and increase the quality and profitability of the products obtained.


Our Values

  • Committed to offering the best quality and service
  • Responsible for our actions respecting the care and maintenance of the environment.
  • Clarity with our customers and suppliers.
  • Trust with and for our workers.

Countries in which we work

Years of Experience


Social Work

Our Team

Our business model is based on the trust of young and qualified professionals who are interested in developing a modern and functional business project.

Juan Vicente

Juan Vicente


Industrias Cevima Manager

Charismatic person who stands out for his commitment to make this a better world.

More than 30 years guarantee their experience in the sector. Throughout these years he has managed to carry out several business projects, which are still active. He considers that “this is the time to create Cevima, a company to which we have dedicated our time to be close and trustworthy.”



RRHH Department

Responsible for the HR department, capable of generating value thanks to his work with the different teams, his gifts to communicate lead everyone towards the achievement of the same objective, thus providing value to the company.

Albert Mas

Albert Mas


We always say that we are lucky to have a person like him in our group.

He is certainly very professional and responsible. His dedication and dedication make him a very competitive person with a desire to improve.

Connoisseur of the company and 100% committed to the values it represents.

Aída Llorens

Aída Llorens

Administration Dpt.

Responsible, persuasive, perfectionist, professional, efficient, delivered, formal, organized and productive, these adjectives define our head of Administration capable of achieving the objectives of the company thanks to his work.

Without it, we would not have come so far.



Marketing Dpt.

Our youngest signing in this big family.

He is a fresh, creative and spontaneous person who always has something to contribute.

With his positivism and his casual character gives the group that touch of genius and joy that characterize it.

“If you don’t find an opportunity
create it by yourself.”

Industrias Cevima


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