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Application sectors

The products provided by CEVIMA Industries offer a wide range of applications in various industrial sectors.

Ceramic Industry

Our products have great application in the ceramic sector, which is one of the engines of the Castellón industry area where our company is also located.

Among them we find, for example, the recovery of alumina balls and / or silica bowls which are basically used for grinding and grinding materials but also has other uses such as decoration or gardening.

The material is always perfectly classified, washed and in optimal conditions for its use.

Refractory Material Industry

The recovery of this type of material, such as the chamotte, is due to its high silica and alumina content for the use of chimney, furnace or structures covering that need to withstand high temperatures.

The chamotte is also used in the manufacture of bricks and concrete and in sculpture; to get a rustic texture.

Prevents defects such as cracking and lamination and adds resistance.

Plastics Industry

Our commitment to the environment is total and we are aware that the bad management of plastic is one of the main problems of the planet, that is why our action is so important since it consists in extending the life of plastic products through their recovery.

We take care of recovering both the industrial plastic and the greenhouse to take it to specialized manufacturers who are responsible for creating new products such as garbage bags.

Farming Industry

We have a large stock of fully inert galvanized metal tutors suitable for plantations of all types of trees.

Metallic Structures Manufacturing Industry

We have iron and steel necessary for the manufacture of metal structures from reused material, for use in fences or others.

In addition to sandwich panels for roofs.


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