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Products in CEVIMA

Industrias Cevima is a company dedicated to the supply of raw materials, material recovery and recycling.

What do we do?

Raw Materials

High qualities for production optimization

Materials Recovery

High technology to promote the sustainable economy

Industrial Machinery

Eliminating the generation of unnecessary waste


Tiles in different formats and finishes.

Raw Materials

CEVIMA offers a wide catalog of certified quality raw materials for different sectors of the industry. Our catalog is constantly expanding.

Materials Recovery

We take care of recovering to reuse all those materials that can be given a second use. Thus fulfilling one of our main values and promoting the sustainable economy.

Industrial Machinery

We take advantage of the used machinery by reconditioning it to give it a new life, thus promoting the circular economy and avoiding the generation of unnecessary waste.


We also have a large tile stock of different formats and finishes.

“If you don’t find an opportunity
create it by yourself.”

Industrias Cevima


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Industrias Cevima S.L.

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